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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Should you know the whereabouts of this individual or have information that might lead to their arrest, please contact your local Law Enforcement agency or the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office at 740-452-3637, extension 1. You may provide information anonymously.

Eric Wade Grimes

DOB: 12/12/1978
Last Known Address: 
6185 Welsh Road Nashport, OH
Height: 5’ 0
5”  Weight: 175
Hair: Brown Eyes: 

Tattoos: Lf Ankle, Chest, Neck, Both Arms, Rt Leg

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Poss. Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Drug Abuse Instruments

Bond: $50,000

Christina M. Reed

DOB: 12/25/1978
Last Known Address: 
2749 SR 555 Crooksville, OH
Height: 5’ 0
3”  Weight: 120
Hair: Brown Eyes: 

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Escape

Bond: $150,000

Demetrius Onita Willett

DOB: 7/6/1982
Last Known Address: 
845 Cliffwood Ave Zanesville, OH
Height: 5’ 0
9”  Weight: 200
Hair: Brown Eyes: 

Tattoos: Lt Arm, Lf Hip, Both Hands

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Violation of Protection Order with Prior Offense

Bond: $25,000

Shala Sue Blevins

DOB: 6/10/1989
Last Known Address: 200 Willis Drive Lot 138 Zanesville, OH
Height: 5’ 03”  Weight: 182
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Tattoos: Lf Ear, Lf Foot, Lf Thigh, Neck, Rt Ear, Rt Foot, Rt Thigh, Wrist, Buttock

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Failed to appear on Bond for Theft Charges

Bond: $100,000

Randi Nicole Glass

DOB: 7/9/1979
Last Known Address: 62 N Pembroke Ave, Zanesville, OH
Height: 5’ 08”  Weight: 260
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Tattoos: Back, Ankle, Buttock, Chest, Rt Foot, Rt Forearm

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Possession and Trafficking Methamphetamine

Bond: $150,000

Alex J Masters

DOB: 5/3/2002
Last Known Address: 633 Pine Street, Zanesville, OH
Height: 5’ 09”  Weight: 160
Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Felonious Assault

Bond: $100,000

Michael David Hutchison

DOB: 12/14/1976
Last Known Address: 16 Ann Circle, S Zanesville, OH
Height: 5’10”  Weight: 150
Hair:  Brown Eyes: Brown

Tattoos: Abdomen, Back, Lf Shoulder, Rt Arm, Rt Shoulder

Offense/Warrant Type: 2/Felony Indictments, 1/Misdemeanor warrant on complaint, 2/Bench Warrants

Charges: Trafficking & Poss. of Drugs, tampering w/evidence, Failure to comply w/Police Officer, failed to complete community service, and Failure to pay child support

Mitchell Coleman

DOB: 8/27/1988
Last Known Address: 556 Woodlawn Ave, Zanesville OH
Height: 6’0”  Weight: 175
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Tattoos: Neck, Right Elbow

Offense/Warrant Type: Felony Indictment

Charges: Tampering with evidence, Trafficking, Possession of Cocaine, failed to appear for Pre-Trial

Bond: $100,000.00

Jeffrey Scott Body

AKA: “Body”

DOB: 09/07/1981

Last Known Address: 245 Boyelston Ave Newark Ohio

Height: 5’11” Weight: 240

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Offense/Warrant Type: Grand Jury Indictment

Charges: Possession of Drugs (Cocaine) F1 (MDO)Major Drug Offender, Trafficking in Drugs (Cocaine) F1 (MDO) Major Drug Offender, Trafficking in Drugs (Cocaine) F1, Illegal Manufacture of Drugs (Cocaine) F/2, Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs (Cocaine) F/3, Permitting Drug Abuse F/5, Engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity F/1 (MDO) Engaging in a Pattern of corrupt activity F/1 (MDO)

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