Ohio University Zanesville Nursing Program Receives Grant From the Straker Foundation

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The J.W. and M.H Straker Charitable Foundation awarded grant money this week to the Ohio University Zanesville Nursing Programs.

The nursing program at Ohio University Zanesville is using the grant not only to update their current equipment, but to provide a more realistic simulation to the students in the program.

With Genesis Healthcare being one of the largest employers in the Muskingum County Region, OUZ continues to see many of its graduates enter the medical field, impacting the community here in Zanesville. With the demand for nurses rising, OUZ is looking to provide its students with the opportunity to have hands-on experiences at the undergraduate level.

Susan Holdren, President of the Straker Foundation shared the impact the ever-growing nursing program at OUZ had on the grant selection committee.

“I think that Ohio University Zanesville stood out in the granting process because it was an innovative request – something that we hadn’t seen before. We really felt the benefit, that it would enable students to do so much better when they get on the job – we really felt that was very important.”

On average, OUZ sees 250 nursing students a semester, making this $20 thousand grant critical for healthcare education on campus. The money will go towards providing a mobile med-cart, a mobile head-wall, and a reflective sim screen to allow professors to observe students.

Hannah Nissen, Dean of Students at Ohio University Zanesville, talked about the lasting significance this grant will have on the campus community.

“The kinds of skills that this equipment can help to provide and help to create in our students is tremendous. We want to make sure that the students we put out there, those future nurses, are the best prepared they possibly can be – and this sort of equipment will help us to do that.”

For more information about the allocation of the grant money and the equipment purchased, visit Ohio University Zanesville’s Website.