Ohio Lieutenant Governor Announces Two Brownfield Grants Awarded to Muskingum County

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted spoke at a press conference to announce two Brownfield Remediation Program Grants awarded to the Muskingum County Land Reutilization Corporation.

The Brownfield Remediation Program is a part of Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Husted’s efforts to help clean and redevelop contaminated properties in Ohio.

The Remediation Program is managed in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Development and hopes to award a total of 192 million dollars to 41 different counties across the state. Muskingum County will be home to two of the 112 proposed projects, using the funding for the abatement and clean-up of the Mosaic Tile Building and Munson Elementary. 

Lieutenant Governor Husted addressed the goal of the grant and the impact it will have on the Zanesville community.

“So the basically, 2 million dollars that Governor DeWine and I were able allocate out of the fund, it’s going to help clean-up these properties and turn them from blighted situations to a situation where we are building new housing and have new other types of developments that will improve the quality of life in the community.”

A component of the proposed plans for these two buildings will allow the potential for Munson Elementary to be developed into the Munson Village Apartments. As Ohio continues to grow exponentially in the wake of the Intel Location Announcement, establishing affordable and accessible housing in the Zanesville community is a priority for local officials.

County Commissioner Mollie Crooks spoke about the city’s plans for Munson Elementary and what it can mean to future Zanesville citizens.

“What we ended up with was an opportunity,  through these grant dollars from the Governor’s office and department of development, in order to partner with a private sector entity, Woda Cooper Companies, and actually – we will get the money, demo the site, make it site ready for their development of, what the plan is, 50 units of housing.”

Husted stated that the Governor’s Office is simply “providing the support for the infrastructure, but how communities develop these are going to be up to them.”

More information about the Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program and Muskingum County’s involvement can be found on the Ohio Department of Development’s website.