Midwest Repertory Ballet Holds Summer Soiree

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Summertime brings many opportunities to Muskingum County children to experience fine arts and culture through one-week minicamps that teach the fundamentals. 

One such camp teaches the fundamentals of ballet at the Movement on Main studio through the week, then offers a public showing at the Secrest Auditorium the following Saturday. Midwest Repertory Ballet Artistic Director Brian Grant explains the program and why it’s important.

“I first moved here about four or five years ago to work with Movement on Main Center for Dance,” Grant said. “I’ve always had an idea that there needs to be more companies, especially in small towns, so it kind of worked out in 2021 I had just the right amount of people so I kind of did the Avenge of the Somblet with all the dancers kind of coming in all at once. The whole idea behind it was because I’m mostly an instructor for kids. It makes more sense to really focus on the kids.” 

Grant believes small communities need to have an opportunity to experience the arts and that sharing the experiences with children is a way of passing it down. The instructors have been invited from all around the country to bring in new art and pass along  their experience of rehearsing and performing.

“This is actually our Summer Apprenticeship Program. What the kids do is they come in and take classes with the professionals, they work with the professionals, like right next to each other,” Grant said. “There is always that moment when I was having guests come into my school. Because of their level, it helped everyone else level up. So if we have one guest artist everybody levels up but if we bring in seven, then everybody levels up. It’s a compounding growth for the kids and it gives them something to see what the goal is.”

This week’s mini camp is preparation toward this weekend’s Summer Ballet Soiree that will offer the public a small (sample-sized) variety of ballet styles to be performed at 8p.m. this Saturday at the Secrest Auditorium. 

For more information and to purchase tickets you can visit Midwest Repertory Ballet’s Facebook page or their event on Eventbrite.com