Zane’s Trace Commemoration Parade held throughout Downtown Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zane’s Trace Commemoration hosted a parade Saturday morning, showcasing over 100 entries to help celebrate the founding of Zanesville.

The parade stretched downtown, drawing in large crowds to cheer on paraders as the community honored the return of the historic event.

This year’s parade featured a variety of participants, including horse-drawn carriages, police and fire departments, and motorcyclists. The parade itself is rooted in history along with the other Zane’s Trace Commemoration events – part of the mission of this year’s event. This weekend’s events aim to provide a festival that will educate, honor, and preserve the Zanesville, Ohio area while celebrating the city’s 225th birthday.

Two young parade-goers, Lynette and Collins Mcconaha (7 and 5 years old), got the chance to participate in this historical parade with their dance studio.

“This was our first parade having all the floats… We were just so excited.”

Many young children have the opportunity to witness the Commemoration for the first time, allowing the memories of past parades to be shared with the rising generation of Zanesville citizens.

Charlotte Snider was celebrating two generations of family at the parade – having her grandchildren walk with City Kids and her Parents–in–law on the Primrose bus. Snider shared the importance of showing how this event has impacted multiple generations in the Zanesville Community.

“I think Zanesville really thrived on the commemoration years ago. It brought everyone together, it gave us a sense of belonging, and it just was a great time to have people together.”

The Commemoration will continue Sunday with the “Anything that floats but not a Boat” race on that morning. 

For more information about the weekend events, visit The Zane’s Trace Commemoration website.