Youth Fishing Competition Held On the Muskingum River

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zanesville cast lines Saturday at Putnam’s Landing Park for The Bait Shop’s inclusive youth fishing competition. 

Kids of all experience levels could enter to see who caught the biggest fish and have the chance to win various prizes.

The Bait Shop, a fishing store located by the Y-bridge, hosted today’s event in tandem with the Zane’s Trace Celebration. The event was created to escape the bustling festival – providing fishers a quiet place to enjoy the beautiful day by the Muskingum River.

Bobby Gibbons, the owner of The Bait Shop, talked about the importance of involving the youth of Zanesville in the fishing community and the support young kids can gain from simply fishing.

“A good reason for the people to come out today is to let their kids spend a day in the activity of fishing. There’s a lot of single parents out there. There’s a lot of kids out there that don’t have both parents, but we’re here to put on this tournament and let the kids do something they might like to do – maybe something they love to do.”

First prize for the competition will receive a brand new bike, with raffles available to win two professional fishing poles. Additionally, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will walk away with a trophy declaring their accomplishment.

In the wake of the history being taught this weekend, volunteers at the contest wanted to share fishing traditions. Addison and Emma Evans spoke about helping their uncle with The Bait Shop and their family’s connection to the fishing community.

“Some people have traditions for fishing, and I just think it’s a good thing to keep traditions going throughout families with older generations and younger generations.”

The Bait Shop is located off Blue Avenue and is open seven days a week to the public. For more information, visit The Bait Shop’s Facebook page.