WHIZ Salutes Our Military

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Each year WHIZ pays tribute to veterans by posting their photos online to recognize their service and pay honor by presenting their families with flags. WHIZ Interactive General Sales Manager Jay Benson explains how the promotion works and why it’s being done.  

“The Military Salute, this is our third year doing it. It is really an opportunity for individuals to send us pictures to WHIZNews.com of their loved ones, their friends, who are serving, or who have served,” Benson said.

Eight submissions will be selected to receive a 3-by-5 American flag from Annin Flagmakers of Coshocton, Ohio as well as a dinner at a local restaurant.

Benson believes duties that military members from all branches and the National Guard perform should be honored and encourages people to submit their photos.

“The instruction are right on the website. If you go to WHIZNews.com you will see on the landing page, ‘Summer Long Military Salute.’ You click on that,” Benson said. “You upload that and then you give a brief description of who that person is. You can give their name, their rank, what theater they may have served in, or if it is someone who is currently deployed, you may not want to give too many details about that.”

This year’s ‘Salute to Military’ promotion began on Armed Forces Day and can be found on WHIZNews.com. It will end on Patriots Day, September 11, with submission winners being notified sometime later.

Matthew Morris
Matt joined WHIZ in 2014 as a part-time radio board operator. In 2018, he graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism's Carr Van Anda program where he earned an Outstanding Entrepreneurship award for his Photo-Journalism work at area speedways. Matt is a native of Morgan County who is familiar with the layout and history of Southeastern Ohio.