K-9 Adoption Center Introduces Kirby

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center is a place where lost dogs are given a chance to be returned to their rightful owners or given the opportunity to be welcomed into a loving home.

Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuiad introduced Kirby, a 6-month-old Sharpei mix, that has made his way to the Adoption Center. 

“Today we have Kirby, a Sharpei mix. He is 6-months-old, housebroke, does well with dogs, kids, very friendly, easy to walk, loves car rides, and actually even has a performing side to him. He likes to do different things that kind of makes him entertaining too. This dog here is gentle, as gentle as he is would just do absolutely wonderful with any family. Especially someone that just would like to sit with him and give him attention. He just strives for being petted and anything at all to make him happy,” McQuaid said.

The K-9 Adoption Center’s mission is to place these less fortunate dogs with owners that will give the proper care and attention they deserve.

“Maybe you would like to start off with fostering. So you can come in and fill out the paperwork to do the fostering. Take the dog home, learn a little bit about it, if it meets and matches with your family and maybe other pets you may have. Sometimes it’ll end up as a foster failure, which is a good term and it’s where you come in and actually, truly place the adoption, then the dog becomes yours,” McQuaid said.

If you have an interest in becoming a K-9 foster home, pet adoption, or have had your dog become missing, you can visit the Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center at 1854 East Pike or call (740)453-0273

Matthew Morris
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