US Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Visits Bimbo Bakery

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ZANESVILLE Oh – 13th District US Representative and US Senate Candidate Tim Ryan visited the Bimbo Bakeries plant Thursday.  

Ryan toured the Zanesville bakery, which is a part of the company that makes and distributes baked goods from buns and bread to bagel and doughnuts nationwide, and met with workers at the facility. 

Representative Ryan, a fierce advocate for the protection and restoration of pension and retirement benefits, and bringing jobs back to Ohio, has been visiting workers across the state to share and discuss his plans. 

He says it is important to meet with these employees and hear directly from those that these issues impact most.

“You know, always talking to workers, getting examples of what they’re going through and their stories and their struggles. And then what can we do from Washington D.C. to try to be more helpful. Make sure the workers have the protections that they need, the wages that they need, the retirement and security that they need. And the only way you do that, because Washington, a lot of times is clueless about what’s going on. It’s important for people like me to be in places like this so when I go back we know exactly what we need to do to help communities,” Ryan told us.

The fight for better benefits such as higher wages and more time off for the working class is personal for the Senate-candidate who grew up just outside of Youngstown in a community similar to Zanesville.

Ryan says his background and experiences being born and raised right here in Ohio gives him a better understanding of what people are going through and the struggles and hardships they are facing 

“I understand what people are going through and I think the last thing the United States Senate needs now is another millionaire, hedge fund person who doesn’t understand what working class people are going through. I know it. I’ve grown up in a community like Zanesville and will be in the Senate to fight for the people who are working so hard here,” he said.

Ryan also fought alongside Senator Sherrod Brown in Congress to pass the Butch Lewis Act to protect and restore pensions for employees such as those at the Bimbo plant. 

For more information about his pension and manufacturing initiatives, you can visit his website at…

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