Memorial Day Ceremony on Memorial Bridge

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Post of the Disabled American Veterans gathered at the Memorial Bridge to drop wreaths into the Muskingum River in honor of American soldiers, sailors and airmen who were lost at sea. 

Disabled American Veterans Commander, Dr. David Schroder led the ceremony and explained why it’s different from most Memorial Day ceremonies.

“Veterans organizations annually have ceremonies in the different cemeteries in the area. The disabled veterans have decided to honor those who perished at sea. So we have a ceremony over the river and throw wreaths in the river to honor those who died in the defense of our nation and in the service of the Navy and the Marines,” Schroder said.

Schroder noted that most people think of the Navy as just a transportation unit for ground forces but the Navy has fought some ferocious battles in the defense of our nation and that many of the sailors remain lost at sea.

“When most people think of military service, they think in terms of the Army and they don’t realize that those who put to sea in ships defended our nation also and continue to do so today,” Schroder said.

The ceremony, which featured a 21 gun salute, took place at noon with the Zanesville Police Department blocking traffic for the honors to be performed.

Matthew Morris
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