Dresden Pool Opens for 2022 Season

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DRESDEN, Ohio – The Dresden Swim Center opened for the 2022 season with a new roof and HVAC system for its locker room facility, thanks to financial assistance from the Straker Foundation.

Dresden Swim Facility Manager Nicole Lindsley and Co-Manager Elise Frueh detailed some of the work put forward to open the facility for the season and what they need to keep it open.

“In order to get the facility up and running, first off we needed a new roof, some HVAC, and new pool lights, so thanks to the Straker foundation we were able to do these improvements to the swim facility. The lifeguards have been working for the last three weeks really, really hard. We had a community service day to get the flower beds in the facility looking as pretty as it does today,” Frueh said.

The pair noted that it takes a community effort to keep the facility open and expressed their gratitude toward all of the volunteers that helped in various ways, but unfortunately, lifeguards are in limited supply.

“We’re very, very fortunate with the Dresden Swim Team to have lifeguards that were certified or able to be certified this year. We are actively serving 15 certified lifeguards to open our pool. Availability is rough, so that is why our hours are from 12:30 to 4:30 every day. If I have availability with lifeguards, I’m going to open up the pool earlier in the morning. We’re doing our best to open our doors for our public,” Lindsley said.

It takes seven certified lifeguards to run the pool everyday safely and the facility worked with the Zanesville YMCA to get their lifeguards certified.