Local Student Wins Patriotic Themed Speech Contest

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – John McIntire Elementary School entered a student into a patriotic themed speech contest, who won regional and State competitions on her way to advancing to compete in the national competition.

God, Flag, & Country is an oratory competition sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Eagles meant to build patriotism and instill a sense of pride within the youth.

John McIntire Elementary Fifth Grade Teacher Trudi Hardcastle talked about the competition and how it is set up.

“Really, you can pick any topic that’s related to God, flag, or country and do a three minute speech on it. And the competition is, 10-to-15 is the age group. And it’s 10 and 11, 12-13 and 14-15, and Stella is in the 10 to 11 age group,” Hardcastle said.

Fifth Grade Student Stella Rosser chose country as her theme and spoke about powerful people in our country that have helped change history for the better. 

Rosser mentioned she has really enjoyed competing in the regional and state contests then expressed how she felt when she learned she was going to the national contest.

“I was really excited. It’s kind of nerve racking because I know more people are going to be there but hopefully, even if I don’t come home with a win, it’s going to be fun and I can do it next year,” Rosser said.

Rosser has taken advantage of the opportunity by meeting new people and watching how they present their speeches on stage.

This year’s God, Flag, and Country national speech competition will be held later this summer in Columbus, Ohio.