Pilot Program Assists Those with Developmental Disabilities

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A pilot program in Ohio seeks to improve the healthcare for those individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Ohio Department of Disabilities has partnered with StationMD a telemedicine company to provide 24/7 healthcare for 5,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities until June of 2023.

“It’s an unfortunate gap in medical education a lot of medical education a lot of medical schools and doctors don’t understand the clinical needs of this population,” explained Dr. Maulik Trivedi the co-founder physician at StationMD. “They don’t understand some of the nuances of how this population lives and challenges they face.”

Trivedi said that more than 90 percent of StationMD’s virtual consultations can resolve an individuals medical issue averting an unnecessary and often times expensive trip to the emergency room. These trips can be overwhelming.

“Many of these individuals have sensory issues, they’re non-verbal, they have a care giver whether it’s a DSP, a direct support professional or a family member. Often times they rely on them to take them wherever they go, often times they rely on specialty transportation, so there’s a lot of challenges getting to a doctor’s office or ER,” said Trivedi.

Another benefit Trivedi said is that their physicians who are board certified in Ohio and carefully vetted can spend more time with a patient to answer questions.

“I think that often times they don’t get the care that they deserve meaning individuals who understand their special needs. Trying to find a clinician who does that may be hours away. It may be another state,” explained Tirvedi.

To find out more you can visit the Department of Developmental Disabilities website.

Nichole Hannahs
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