Downtown Walk in Honor of National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Quality Care Partners celebrated National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day by hosting a lunchtime walk through downtown Zanesville. Quality Care Partners is an organization that coordinates healthcare services, insurance companies, and employers.

Quality Care Partners CEO Cindy Baker explained how people can benefit by using lunchtime to get up and move around.

“Chronic disease is prevalent. This is southeast Ohio and we are just inundated with diabetes and COPD and coronary artery disease. And some of it is just socio-economic factors, some of it is family history, some of it is demographics. People need to understand what drives their disease. If we can impress upon them that taking care of themselves helps drive down total overall spent, everybody wins,” Baker said.

Many costly diseases can be prevented or delayed by simply incorporating a healthier lifestyle, thus saving people money and doctor visits.

Dora Maxwell, who works at Park National Bank, participated in the walk and indicated why she volunteered.

“To bring awareness. I like to walk on my lunch hour as well so,” Maxwell said. “We like supporting the community and we’re a hundred percent backing our community. So anytime we can be involved, we like to help out.”

Many 21st century jobs employ sitting and automation and do not provide enough movement that bodies require. Wednesday’s downtown walk showed how idle time can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.