Quality Care Partners Celebrates National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Quality Care Partners is recognizing National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day by presenting a lunchtime walk through downtown Zanesville.

The group will gather at the courthouse steps at Noon Wednesday, May 18 and will walk through the downtown for about 15 minutes to a half hour, rain or shine.

Quality Care Partners Population Health and Wellness Program Manager Cindy Fisher and Director of Marketing and Sales Jennifer Martin explain the concept behind the walk and the benefits it can bring.

“The Downtown Walk came about when we came across the National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day. We find it very important to encourage employers to promote health and wellness with their employees and we just thought this was a good way to encourage people to get outside of their office during the day, get a few steps in and celebrate National Employee Wellness and Fitness Day,” Martin said.

The focus of Quality Care Partners Medical Management is to give providers a way to partner with employers to promote and increase the health of their employees. The Downtown Walk is an effort to show employers simple ways that can encourage their employees to walk.

Fisher encouraged participants to register ahead of time to enter a raffle that will be drawn before the walk for chances to win prizes.

“There is the added benefit of getting some exercise on your own. Exercising has proven to reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, and many of us do have desk jobs, where we sit all day long. So it’s important to get up and move around, at least every 30 to 60 minutes. Do something. And of course trying to get your 30 minutes five days a week in, is also important to prevent disease,” Fisher said.

Martin noted that more than 60 people have registered for the event that will be posted on social media and if you can’t attend, post a picture of yourself walking and be recognized by Quality Care Partners for your efforts. 

You can register for this week’s downtown walk by clicking here.


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