Matilda Wants to Keep Your Family Active

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- We’ve seen some wet weather this spring and now we’re expecting some very warm temperatures as well.

These conditions can pose some concerns for outdoor pets like dogs. A local volunteer with the Muskingum K9 Adoption Center said that it’s important to make sure that your pet has dry bedding.

“For a dog to be laying somewhere that it’s wet is very harmful to its skin. It can actually create sores different things can happen it’s not good. It becomes very uncomfortable for dog just like it does for a human being,” said Muskingum County K9 Adoption Center Doug McQuaid. “You might have to put the dog box in a different area a different direction for the period of time that the storm is coming.”

McQuaid suggests to have some extra bedding so you can change it if it does become wet. As the temperatures warm it’s also important to make sure your dog has sufficient water to drink. If it’s not a temperature you’d drink then you need to get your pet fresh water.

You’ll need some water after you spend time with Matilda. She’s an active 5-year-old that will keep you moving.

“She would do well with an active family. Someone who would want to walk/run, have a big yard to play in, whatever. But then at the same time she calms way down and would love to lay in a cool place in the yard,” said McQuaid.

Matilda came into the adoption center as a stray. She’s dog selective and housebroken. If you’d like to meet Matilda or any other dog at the shelter you can visit them seven days a week at their location on the East Pike, next to the sheriff’s office.

Nichole Hannahs
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