Building Name Changed to ‘Tate-Ritchason’ Building to Honor Fallen Officers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The building that the Zanesville Police Department utilizes has officially been renamed.

Earlier this afternoon, the building on 4th Street was renamed to the Tate-Ritchason Building. 

The building was renamed to honor Erwin Tate and Henry Ritchason who both died in the line of duty during their service for the police department.

The Zanesville Chief of Police, Tony Coury says that though it has been a long time coming, both men deserve to be honored. 

“These guys died in the line of duty and you know 83 years since Erwin Tate passed and 1954 when Henry Ritchason passed. So its been a long time coming but at least we still remember those that fell in the line of duty,” Coury said.

The event had speakers from all over Ohio come to pay homage and respect for the officer. 

Dave Yost, the Ohio Attorney General says that it is the duty of the citizens to honor those fallen trying to protect.

“These are the folks that protect us against the evil in the world, they deserve our respect and when they pay what Lincoln called the ‘last full measure of devotion’ its a special duty and honor for us to remember them and to be grateful for their sacrifice,” said Yost.

The building serves a lot of purposes for the police department, including holding evidence, the location of the detective bureau, the safety director’s office, IT and the police department’s gym.

KaJeza Hawkins
KaJéza Hawkins is new to Zanesville, but an Ohio native, born and raised in the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio. KaJéza is very excited to be apart of the WHIZ-TV News Team. She has interned at several stations, including WHIO in Dayton, as well as WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a proud HBCU graduate, receiving her degree from Wilberforce University in 2021, where she majored in Mass Media Communication with a concertation in English. KaJéza is also a a part of the NABJ, and is happy to be spending time here in Zanesville. If you see her out, be sure to say hello!