Habitat for Humanity Seeks ARPA Funds from Commissioners

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio, a non-profit organization that has multiple projects happening here in Muskingum County is seeking funding to help low income families find and maintain affordable housing. 

Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio Executive Director Ken Oehlers and Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio Director of Community Engagement Melissa Best explained how the money will provide the community a return on investment.

“We’re here today to request $450,000 from the commissioners through the ARPA funding to help build and repair homes for families in need in Muskingum County. Housing costs have gone up significantly since the start of the pandemic. Not only the cost of houses but also the cost to repair and rehab houses. Those costs have priced out not only low to moderate income families but also some middle income families,” Oehlers said.

The American Rescue Plan Act is a federal economic stimulus offered to local communities to aid in their recovery from the recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Habitat for Humanity has multiple programs that offer more than just building new houses such as home repair and economic assistance.

“Habitat for Humanity allows for a permanent and sustainable change for the families that partner with us. Where they might be relying on a lot of government assistance when they start with us, hopefully with living in a Habitat home and having a safe, decent and affordable place to call home they won’t require so many services. So we think there’s a real benefit to that for our partner families,” Best said.

Habitat for Humanity is community minded and tries to work with local establishments as much as possible. For more information you can contact Best at (740) 249-1449 or visit them online at habitatseo.org