Red Cross and Zanesville Fire Department Donate Free Smoke Detectors

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The American Red Cross and volunteers held their ‘Sound the Alarm,’ event this afternoon.

The event educates the community while going door to door, asking each home if they have functioning smoke detectors.  

If the home is lacking, they are given a free, 10 year smoke detector, which is installed for them.

Rod Cook, the Executive Director of the American Red Cross says the event educates while saving lives.

“Just the support to educate people about fire safety. Ways on how to prevent fires from happening. Also what to do in case a fire does happen in a home. So we are basically just trying to save lives. Not only the residences but also the our partners in the fire departments,” Cook said.

The event is in partnership with the Zanesville Fire Department.

Jeff Bell, The Fire Chief of the Zanesville Fire Department says that the pandemic halted the effort for several years but they are excited to be back.

“We’ve been very appreciative of the Red Cross and being a good partner with us. They’re always there after the fact when an emergency happens, whether it’s storms, whether it’s fires or anything like that, they’ve always been a good partner. This is something that since before Covid we’ve canvased areas with them before. And we’ve been trying to put this together for the last couple years, so we’re glad to be back out in the community,” the Chief told us.

There should at least be one smoke detector on each level of a residence. 

In case you missed this event, The Zanesville Fire Department also allows each Muskingum County resident one free smoke detector.

KaJeza Hawkins
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