Interstate 70 Construction Traffic Enforcement

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will be stepping up their efforts to improve construction zone safety through increased surveillance and stricter enforcement. 

The target of the enforcement will be throughout the five mile stretch of Interstate 70 construction zone that runs through downtown Zanesville and will include observation by aircraft. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Jeffrey Jirles announced the initiative Monday afternoon. 

“We’re here today to announce that we are starting an enforcement program in the Interstate 70 construction zone here in Zanesville. When we talked to our community partners that we work with, ODoT and the construction companies, we’ve had an overwhelming request to get traffic slowed down on Interstate 70,” Jirles said.

The speed limit through downtown Zanesville has always been 55 miles per hour and Jirles feels that asking motorists to slow down through the specified zones and observing the posted speed limits and lane assignments is not asking too much.

“We’re going to see some overnight closures (of I-70),” Jirles said. The look of this construction zone is going to really change in the next week. You’ll see some new asphalt going down. You’ll see some new striping, lines on the roadway. We’ll be adding some striping so that our aircraft will work from overhead. Detect some speed violations and lane violations of commercial trucks here in the construction zone.”

During the past few months, the construction zone has witnessed numerous speeding and lane violations as well as crashes and fires that endanger the construction workers and fellow motorists.