Carr Center Cake Auction Ingredients

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The 36th Annual Carr Center Cake Auction will take place next Wednesday and Thursday at the Secrest Auditorium and will bee offering several unique items to bid upon.

Carr Center Executive Director Becky Clawson lists some of the items that are up for bid along with the cakes.

“(A car) donated by Chris Zemba of Champion Services. It is a 1954 Chrysler Windsor and it is beautiful. It was featured in the movie ‘The Mischief.’ Chris has totally restored the exterior of the car, it is a wonderful donation. We will be auctioning this car off for the full two days of the auction,” Clawson said.

Several local businesses contribute to the cake auction that is a vital fundraiser for the Carr Center who provides special needs care for seniors and youth throughout the community.

“We also have a special artist this year making five mosaic glass pieces for some program cakes that we have in the cake auction, so check those out,” Clawson said. “His name is Daniel and they’re beautiful glass mosaics. They’re wonderful pieces and he’s kind of a new artist on the scene here in Zanesville.”

Clawson noted that there are five cakes this year that are in need of sponsors. Those five cakes titled the Buzz with Becky, will fund specific equipment needed for the speech program at the Carr Center. She added that the incentive for sponsoring those cakes would be rainchecks for fresh baked cupcakes.

You can find further details about this year’s cake auction on the Carr Center Facebook page.