Cool and Sweet Junior Mint

Local News Stories

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center is making strides to improve the lives of the underprivileged dogs in our community.

Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuaid puts many hours into the effort and introduces us to Junior Mint, this week’s Dog of the Week. 

“Today we have Junior Mint. He’s a Terrier Mix. As you can see, he’s very affectionate. He’s 2-and-a-half-years-old and 60 pounds. He’s crate trained, house broken, rides well in a car, does good with kids and other dogs, and would just be a fabulous pet for you. He would go good with any family, actually,” McQuaid said.

The K-9 Adoption Center has plenty of bedding straw leftover from winter that needs to be distributed before it goes to waste.

“Today I would just like to thank our community,” McQuaid said. We had a dog-box and straw drive and it just went fabulous. We helped out many dogs in our community. We still have straw leftover, so if you happened to have gotten straw from us or if you’d like to get a bale of straw, please contact us. We would love to be able to help you with that.”

If you are interested in meeting Junior Mint or would like to spend time working with the animals, you can visit the Adoption Center out on the East Pike or message them online.