Muskingum Iron and Metal and Animal Shelter Society Partner For Earth Month

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Muskingum Iron and Metal has partnered with the Animal Shelter Society to help raise money for the shelter during Earth Month.

Earth Month encourages those worldwide on the urgent need for environmental justice, sustainable development, and climate solutions.

In celebration of Earth Month, the Muskingum Iron and Metal will be making a matching donation to the Animal Shelter Society based on the amount of aluminum beverage cans they collect.

“This is one of the things that we’re able to offset some of the cost that we have at the Animal Shelter, as a nonprofit this is so very important for us and it gives our community a chance to support us,” General Manager of the Animal Shelter Society, April Cohagen-Gibson stated. “We’re very thankful for the partnership that we do have with Joseph’s and Muskingum Iron and Metal.”

Cohagen-Gibson said residents can participate by dropping off cans inside the aluminum bin at the shelter where they are located right behind Zanes state College.

The president of Muskingum Iron and Metal, Josh Joseph, talked about how the Muskingum Iron and Metal will be offering promotional pricing up until Earth Day on April 22nd and how they’ve been partnering with local schools.

“In our partnership it’s nice to help a local cause. It’s also nice to help the environment and that’s kind of what Earth Week shines a light on so this week we’re paying 80 cents a pound for aluminum cans,” Joseph added. “For the last few years we’ve also been partnering with some of the local schools. We’re trying to encourage recycling and knowledge about recycling and for that we’re also helping them with some financial gain as well. We are doubling their proceeds as well.”

The Muskingum Iron and Metal is located at 345 Arthur Street.

Joseph said residents can bring in the cans through the drive-in recycling center and state that they are participating with the fundraiser if they aren’t able to make it to the shelter. 

Kailan Martin
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