Muskingum County Sheriff Held Press Conference to Discuss the Escape of Three Inmates

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Three inmates, Aaron Veyon, Cole Taylor and Roy Agin escaped from the Muskingum County jail early this Monday morning and are looking to face additional charges due to the nature of the escape.

Muskingum County Sheriff, Matt Lutz, discussed the details of the escape in a press conference today and said around 7:35 a.m. they received a tip from the public stating that both Taylor and Agin were spotted outside of Christ Table.

Once the unit arrived at the location, both inmates fled by stealing a car from someone at the Christ Table.

“We had several units looking for this truck. South Zanesville police chief, Mark Ross, spotted the truck down around state route 719 in Moxahala and attempted to stop the truck and the truck started fleeing from Chief Ross. We had several patrol cars that went to assist him. That chase went down Old River Road, Granger Hill, Dennis Road of 555 and we were able to get the vehicle stopped down on 555 just below Stovertown,” Sheriff Lutz stated.

The other inmate, Veyon, was soon found about an hour later hiding in the basement of an occupied home, where a k-9 unit was deployed due to non compliance. 

The inmates who were all housed on the third floor together, were able to escape by jumping the corrections officer for the keys to the dorm and escaped through the courthouse building exit.

Sheriff Lutz said the corrections officer was Mason Gates, who was sent to the hospital for minor injuries.

He then discussed the immediate protocol changes that are now being placed within the jail.

“We have a cage area on our third floor that kind of was in a different location because of the jail use to be and it really never got moved once we created the whole third floor being jail so it’s a matter of just moving that cage a little bit down the hallway and that will prevent anyone from having access to any of the outside exterior doors,” Sheriff Lutz said.

The Muskingum County Police Jail is looking to add additional changes like extra staffing for each floor as new designs are underway.

During the conference, Sheriff Lutz took the blame for the incident and apologized to the public on the behalf of the department.

He wasn’t able to speak much on the additional charges, but stated the inmates are all back in custody as further investigation continues and will be facing serious consequences.

Kailan Martin
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