Zanesville Fire Department Reminds Residents to Begin Spring Cleaning, Fire Prevention

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Spring has sprung and the Zanesville Fire Department is reminding residents to begin focusing on spring cleaning.

With the recent increase of fires in the community, spring cleaning can be a helping factor in home safety and possible bringing a decrease to home fires.

A probationary firefighter at the Zanesville Fire Department, Simon Wagner, said the first step in spring cleaning is decluttering the home to reduce fire risk.

“As far as spring cleaning a lot of vegetation has been outside so you have dead vegetation by your homes, you might want to clear that back,” Wagner stated. “Check your gutters, pine needles and everything can build up in there and also anything you’re going to be using like everything you had stored as far as your gasoline, you might want to check to make sure your gas cans are good.”

Wagner added to also check all the cords in the home, check for leaks in propane core and the gas grills to make sure there isn’t any animal nest.

Wagner said if anyone feels they can not conduct some of these spring cleaning tips, the fire department can always come out to assist.

“I think a lot of things happen that are human error by mistake so if we can all get out there, pay attention or if there’s somebody that we know that maybe can’t do it maybe offer them a hand because not everybody can get to their roof and check their gutters. Some people might have building material or brush plows and they can’t move it away so as a community it’s a good thing to take care of your home and go out and see if anyone might need help,” Wagner said.

Other spring cleaning tips would be to keep construction material away from the home and clean the dryer vents, and lint trap.

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