Pawsitive Hearts ‘Raise the Woof’ Comedy Show Underway

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The animal rescue service, Pawsitive Hearts, will be hosting a comedy show this coming May 21st. 

The comedy show that is named ‘Raise the Woof’ will be held at Bryan Place that will consist of stand up comedians from the Columbus and Zanesville area along with an optional dinner.

“Pawsitive Hearts is a volunteer ran non profit dog rescue, so we stay very busy on top of our full time jobs if we’re not working then we are with the dogs,” Roberts stated. “So we are pulling dogs from really overcrowded shelters. We’re taking dogs from all situations, human cases, there’s hoarding cases currently that have several dogs that we’re helping with as well just all different kinds of situations.”

Roberts said having fundraisers like the ‘Raise the Woof’ Comedy show really helps with paying for the dog food, medical bills and any other care for the animals.

Pawsitive Hearts is also looking for more business sponsors for the comedy show. Roberts talked about the sponsorship process for those looking to help.

“We do have a sponsor tab on our website that they can go to. It has all the information of the different tears of sponsors. We are currently looking for sponsors for that event. If they like to sign up we do have an email address they can reach us at as well, which is  and we are definitely looking for some business advertising sponsors. There will be names on banners, there’s opportunities for swag with their logo on it and stuff. It’s going to be really cool,” Roberts said.

The ‘Raise the Woof’ comedy show will start at 6:00 p.m. and residents can purchase a ticket now on their website at under events. 

Roberts added that they do conduct an open house, a dog meet and greet, every second Sunday at 2895 Maysville Pike from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Kailan Martin
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