Muskingum Valley Park District Discuss Future Office Repairs and New Project Ideas With Muskingum County Commissioners

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The summer season will be approaching soon and the Muskingum Valley Park District is rolling out new ideas and special projects.

Executive director of the Muskingum Valley Park District, Russell Edgington, met with the Muskingum County Commissioners today to discuss some of those projects plus the challenges they are facing.

“Our office that we are currently located in out at Mission Oaks Garden needs about $250 to $300,000 dollars of structural repairs so that’s a big chunk of money. So we’re trying to decide where we go from here,” Edgington stated. “We’re going to be looking at each one of the facilities that we currently own and we’ll be planning the next 10 years out for all the improvements and things.”

Edginton said the office decisions haven’t been made yet, but professionals do recommend they either vacate or complete the repairs. 

Some of the community projects the Muskingum Valley Park District plan to complete is the pavement to the Muskingum Recreational Trail.

“So that trail starts essentially at the boat ramp in Dresden and it goes south to Gilbert Station right at route 666 and so there’s three different sections there that will need to be paved to make that continuously an asphalt pavement beginning to end,” Edgington explained.

Edgington said once that is completed, they plan to extend the trail further south, which will provide additional river access in the area and provide canoe access around the Bergenfield Ballpark area for the Muskingum River.  

Kailan Martin
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