Preparing for Lawn Care

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – In addition to the many changes Spring represents, such as longer days and warmer temperatures, lawn care and landscaping becomes a higher priority for area property owners.

American Pride Power Equipment President Ryan Dodson explains why property owners should inspect and maintain their lawn care equipment. 

“Yeah, getting your mower ready for Spring is important. It’s a good time to check the oil, make sure the level is right. Change it if you haven’t already. That sort of thing should be done every year,” Dodson said. “Also, the sharpness of your blades. That’s important for a good clean cut.”

Making sure your equipment is in good working order is an important safety concern as well as inspecting your yard for dangerous debris that might become projectiles. 

“Definitely pick up sticks and branches before you cut,” Dodson said. “We’ve had lots of wind lately and branches are down. It’s important to get those picked up because you can shred a belt just like that if a stick gets between a belt and a pulley. So it’s a good idea to get out there and pick up your sticks.”

Dodson stressed that inflation and supply chain shortages are expected to worsen and disrupt inventory, and that anyone in need of a mower or replacement parts should purchase them quickly before prices rise and selection runs out.