Zanesville Business and Professional Women’s Club Now Accepting Applicants for Elliott Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Zanesville Business and Professional Women’s Club (ZBPW) is now accepting applicants for their Elliott Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship.

The scholarship is in honor of the first BPW president, who was very passionate about education.

According to Stephanie Bridwell, president of ZBPW, there will be two scholarships for up to $500 each that targets those 21 and older seeking further education through collegiate or professional studies.

“What we hope is to attract either people changing their careers, maybe there’s been a job change, maybe they’re a single mother or re entering the work force and that’s kind of a time period where we see a real lack in our community of resources and support, and we want to make it easier for them and let them know that there are people out there supporting them,” Bridwell stated. “And sometimes, especially with young families, it can be hard to figure out where to get those funds or what’s going on with the kids. We know that women are committed to going the next mile in finding that education.”

The applicant must be a Muskingum County resident to apply, provide proof of enrollment in an educational post secondary program and there will be a 100 word essay to complete.

Elliott Scholarship Committee Member, Sarah Henderson, said this coming Cinco De Mayo, they will be hosting a ‘Murder Mystery’ fundraiser event that will help fund more of their scholarships.

“A murder mystery is a fun little dinner where you come with maybe your spouse or your friend. You can sit around the table, we’re going to have eight tables and each table, one person, is going to be selected to read the script and nobody is going to know the results, not even us, until after the murder mystery happens. They’re going to read the script so somebody will play a role and as they read through it they just talk about what they’re doing. They don’t even need acting experience, but everyone is welcome to participate,” Henderson explained.

The Murder Mystery event will be held at Chef Steve’s Place Celebration Banquet. Tickets aren’t available yet, but Henderson encourages residents to stay on the lookout on their Facebook page.

As for the Elliot Scholarship, residents can find more details on what is all needed to apply at under scholarship central. 

The application should be submitted by April 20th and the top applicants will participate in a Zoom interview with the Elliot Trustees.

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