Newark Police Department Unveils a New Robot

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NEWARK, Ohio- The Newark Police Special Operations Group and Crisis Negotiator Team has added additional assistance to their teams but, this new assistant happens to be a police robot.

According to Sergeant Clint Eskins with the Newark Police Special Operations Group, the total amount for the police robots was $25,000. Sergeant Eskins said with a generous grant of $7,500 from the Dickey Foundation, they were able to complete the cost and get the police robot to use.

“Back in 2019 we decided that there was a need for a robot in order to help the special operations group, which is our tactical team and our crisis negotiators be able to search and make contact with people while allowing the officers to remain safe at a distance when when we deal with people who may be armed or unstable,” Sergeant Eskins said.

The police robot will be the eyes and ears helping the Special Operations Group and Crisis Negotiator Team in responses like a search and rescue, with a suicidal person, hostage issues and more.  

Sergeant Eskins said the robot weighs about 45 pounds, has a built-in camera, and the officer can operate the robot by using a body strap control monitor and also attach a microphone to the robot to communicate with the suspect.

“In the past we’ve had several instances where maybe somebody with mental health issues is going to an event and may be suicidal, maybe made threats to harm themselves and we want to try to help them out, but we need to be able to do it from a safe distance, the robot allows us to do that.”

The Newark police officers do go through a training process to operate the police robot.

Sergeant Eskins said if any technology concerns become an issue, they have the opportunity to get keep up with the maintenance with the services of where it was purchased.

Kailan Martin
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