2022 Secrest Summer Concert Series Announced

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Secrest Summer Concert Series will be returning to downtown Zanesville as coordination efforts have already been underway.

Zanesville Mayor Don Mason spoke about the origins of the Summer Concert Series and why it continues.

“In 2020, we realized everything was put on hold. People weren’t communicating with each other, they weren’t coming out of their houses, they were basically rushing their trips. They might go to the store and then go back home. People weren’t going out to dinner,” Mason said. “So, what we found by our 2021 Summer Concert Series is that people got out of their houses, they came downtown, they saw people they hadn’t seen in a long time.”

The concert series draws people to the downtown area, where they can discover what the downtown area has to offer. 

Last year, downtown businesses saw an increase in activity directly related to the concert series. 

“So each show was like a building upon the success of the prior show and literally as soon as the last concert was held, we had people saying: ‘hey are you going to have the concert series back next year?’ and we told them we would. So we went to work on lining up the bands, as well as the food vendors, and the entire concert environment as well,” Mason said.

The 2022 Secrest Summer Concert Series promoters were impressed by the success of last year’s efforts and are excited about what’s in store for 2022.

For further details about the 2022 Secrest Summer Concert Series you can visit http://www.coz.org/292/Secrest-Summer-Concert-Series 

Matthew Morris
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