Muskingum U. Gives Students a Glimpse into the Real World

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In just a couple months a whole new segment of the population will join the work force. One local university is preparing their senior students for that moment.

Muskingum University’s Education Department held mock interviews for students in their program about to graduate with teaching degrees. These interviews took place with real superintendents and principals, so students could get a sense of what the interview process is like. They also learned how to make their interviews better for when they’re in a real situation.

“In my first interview they did tell me that I can make it personal. I think it’s hard to find the line between telling them about yourself and telling too much about yourself, so they kind of told me what I could include about myself that would be appropriate and that was very helpful,” said Muskingum University Student Jennifer Kamarski.

“I think you aren’t sure what you will be asked. You prepare as best you can, but I think the first time anyone interviews they are and that’s all the more reason to offer this for our students so that they can get rid of some of that nervousness in a practice session rather than when it really counts,” said Prof. Barb Hansen of Muskingum University.

The Chair of the Education Department explained the program also gives students a chance to share what they’ve learned with administrators and be proud of what they’ve accomplished.

“I hope our students understand and get the sense more than anything that wow I’ve made it,” said Department Chair Tim Slekar. “I really am about to graduate. I really am about to be a teacher this sitting down an interviewing with principals and superintendents should give them the sense that all these long hard years and this hard work it’s really happening.”

Students in the university’s program becoming principals also attended the event to learn how to interview potential teachers as they move into administrative roles.

Nichole Hannahs
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