Author and International Business Leader Speaks at Chamber Week Luncheon

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Author, International Business Leader and Zanesville native, Phillip Kane, spoke today during the Chamber Week Luncheon. 

Kane is currently a CEO and Managing Partner of Grace Ocean, a LLC boutique advisory firm. 

With more than 25 years in some of the best-known businesses, Kane shared with local business leaders on how they can improve their business.

“I talked about the importance of winning while caring for people,” Kane stated. “Too many people try to win by being rough on people or being overly demanding of people, but I believe that you can win while also caring for people. You don’t have to choose between the two.”

During the speech, Kane shared stories from his early days and how it carved him into the business man he is today.

Kane worked in places like Milan, Italy for a commercial truck tire business and more. He said those years of experience is what pushed him to write his book “The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership.” 

“Throughout my career I saw so many leaders leading people the wrong way by belittling them or treating them poorly and I was raised by my father to believe that you could win by treating people with kindness and that’s the only way I’ve ever led,” Kane said. “And so I wanted to write a book that showed people that you can lead by treating people well and with kindness and protecting their dignity. So that’s why iI was moved to write my book.”

The book is expected to be released this coming summer.

He said being able to come back home to Zanesville and speak to the business community is an honor. 

Kailan Martin
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