Muskingum County Courthouse

County Employees Return to Their Offices

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Multiple Muskingum County government office buildings were displaced because the recent Masonic temple fire disrupted the utilities going into those buildings.

Muskingum County Commissioner Mollie Crooks is pleased with how well the county departments and elected officials have worked together.

“We’re going to do a move back in to the courthouse by staggering the departments in order to make sure that our maintenance and our I.T. departments are able to handle those moves back,” Crooks said.

The Law Administration building which was in the collapse zone is back to functioning at partial capacity to minimize traffic around maintenance projects.

“I can tell you for the courthouse, Common Pleas court is operating on a shortened schedule. Also the commissioners are operational in the courthouse,” Crooks stated.

Crooks said the Treasurer’s office should be back in the Courthouse Tuesday. If you have a particular office, you plan to visit to please call ahead to make sure of the department’s location.

Matthew Morris
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