Lowest Temperature in 3 Years Recorded at Zanesville Airport

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(WHIZ-TV) – This morning, Zanesville had it’s first below 0° temperature reading in almost 3 years (which shows how mild the past two winters have been). The temperature at the Zanesville Municipal Airport (KZZV) reached -9° at around 6:00 AM EST. So too did Cambridge, OH, and several other places across far eastern and Northeast Ohio.

This was the result of a strong high pressure which moved over the region on Friday Night and early Saturday Morning. Earlier in the week, around 8 inches of snow had fallen in Zanesville. Slightly warmer temperatures during the middle of the week allowed for the top of the snow on the ground to melt a bit, which as temperatures later dropped, added a thin layer of ice to the top of the snow. Despite clear skies on Friday, the sun’s incoming heat failed to become absorbed into the ground, and whatever heat was left in the ground could not escape either. Thus, as the skies remained clear on Friday Night and the winds tapered down, and with the area of high pressure directly overhead, temperatures dropped very quickly across the eastern half of our region.

Places in central and western Ohio, which had not seen nearly as much snow as our region had seen, barely made it into the single digits.

The last time that Zanesville had recorded a low temperature below 0° was all the way back on the 31st of January 2019 – or 1,087 days – during the Winter of 2018-19. On that day, the temperature had reached -7° at the KZZV. The last time Zanesville had seen a temperature less than or equal to the value -9° was in January 2018, when the temperature also reached down to -9°.

Some places in our region managed to reach below 0° in February 2021, but KZZV only reached 1° during the Winter of 2020-21, and 11° during the Winter of 2019-20.

Recent Winter Minimum Temperatures for KZZV:

2010-11: -11°
2011-12: 3°
2012-13: 4°
2013-14: -20°
2014-15: -16°
2015-16: -2°
2016-17: 2°
2017-18: -9°
2018-19: -7°
2019-20: 11°
2020-21: 1°

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Timmy Albertson
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