Village of New Concord Awarded Grant By Straker Charitable Foundation

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NEW CONCORD, Ohio- The Village of New Concord received an award from the J.W. and M.H. Straker Charitable Foundation.

The village was awarded $18,000 through the “Starting out Strong 2022 Award” and will be used to upgrade the technology and functional improvements to the New Concord Village Council Chambers.

“We had a plan for improving it cosmetically and with furniture to make it a true professional environment that represents our community in a professional way,” Mayor Lyle stated. “Along with that we have hoped somehow to improve technology and that’s a big topic. So we’re fortunate because Orbit Media from Muskingum University records all of our council meetings.”

Mayor Lyle said once they receive the upgraded equipment, they will be able to continue to work with Orbit Media with a more advanced experience.

New Concord Village Council Chambers serves as a multipurpose meeting room. These improvements will expand the engagement for residents and elected officials.

“Since the pandemic, when everybody went to virtual meetings, I know that was permitted by the State Legislator, we discovered the value of being able to have virtual meetings as well as in person meetings as well as what I call hybrid meetings,” Mayor Lyle said. “And you really need to manage the technology in order to have the best audio and communication experience for all parties. So sound coming out of the computer and going into the computer, etc. and that was something we were inspired to do, but we didn’t know if we’d ever be able to afford. We now have that.”

Mayor Lyle said that the improvements to the Council Chambers should be implemented by the end of March 2022.

Kailan Martin
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