SonRise Pediatrics Opens

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zanesville and Muskingum County have a new pediatric and wellness practice in the Sunrise Center.

Dr. Andrea Collet has been practicing pediatrics locally since 2003 and enjoys getting to know her patients as well as providing a more individualized level of care.

“It’s a general pediatrics office that offers vaccines, and wellness as would be in a traditional office but I do have an interest in providing some other services that I think are very important and needed in our community for children centered around wellness and prevention,” Collet said.

Collet stated the need for pediatrics in the area and shared some of the concerns that children and their families face.

“Mental health issues are a major concern and an issue for a lot of children, as well as just unhealthy habits,” Collet said. “So, my goal is to provide services that really target unhealthy habits and try to address them and support families in making better choices for their children.”

Collet incorporates her Christian belief into her care and stresses the importance of families implementing a strategy toward making healthier decisions.

To learn more about SonRise Pediatrics and Wellness you can visit them online at