Ohio School Districts Receive Grant for Industry-Recognized Credential Programs

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A grant from the state is helping Zanesville City schools start a new industry course through the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program. 

The grant is through the Dewine-Husted initiative and was awarded to 54 Ohio schools districts totaling $34 million.

According to Steve Foreman, Assistant Superintendent of Zanesville City, the Ohio Department of Education realized that the Zanesville community is currently in need of more medical workers and the funding will be efficient towards implementing an EMT basic class.

“Of that $34 million, $9 million is kind of just for the start ups at making the programs work and with the $25 million for the purpose of actually providing incentives.,” Foreman stated. “So if a school, for instance, in Zanesville, we’re going to do an EMT basic class and for every student that goes through this class, our district will receive $1,250 dollars for having that student receive that credential.” 

Foreman explained how the program will be using $12,000 from the grant to start the EMT program, however, additional grant funding will go towards the help of sustaining the programs so that Zanesville can continue to provide students with effective industry credential skills.

“We’re looking on getting a lot of credentialing programs into our schools because we feel like it’s great to give our students a diploma, but it’s great to give them a skill as well or at least experiences so they can go out into the community and see if that’s for them and I think that’s probably one of the most exciting things to me about this program. It gives students an opportunity to look into what they may want to do and even if they decide it turns out it’s not what they want to do, that’s okay too.” Foreman said.

Other industry-recognized credentials that are listed on the Ohio Department of Education website are skills like welding, information technology, engineering and more.

Foreman said once the EMT basic class is implemented, the Zanesville City School district will be able to create other courses that are built more off of what the students are interested in. 

Kailan Martin
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