Ohio University Zanesville AYA and Middle Childhood Education Field Placement Orientation Meeting

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MUSKINGUM County, Ohio- The future educators are a very fundamental aspect when it comes to teaching our young leaders.

The Ohio University Zanesville is having a field placement orientation meeting that allows Adolescent and Young Adult, and Middle Childhood Education students gain general information and requirements before being placed in local school districts starting at the fourth to the 12th grade.

“As you know with the pandemic, a lot of our students, this might be the first time they’re setting foot in a physical classroom,” Dr. Paterra, Education Program Assistant at OUZ stated. “So this is just to get them prepared for what they need to wear, how they need to act with professionalism, what they need to do before, during and after their placement, and also some other important information that they might not have gotten yet within their courses.”

Dr. Paterra said students will also be learning the physical boundaries with the children due to the COVID restrictions and understanding the required hours for a field placement while attending the meeting.

The field placement orientation meeting is giving students additional connections to build positive relationships with OUZ administration and faculty, and the surrounding school districts.  

“What’s really needed is to improve their oral communication as well because when we went virtual some of the classrooms were doing completely online through Google classrooms where our pre-service teachers were typing or uploading documents and they weren’t necessarily required to speak. So some of those speaking skills have been neglected over the past two years and so now they need to learn how to also orally communicate,” Dr. Paterra said.

Additionally, students are able to receive a professional and efficient routine for field placement, says Dr. Paterra.

OUZ is accepting students each semester. If interested in attending the meetings, please contact the student services for more information.

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