Former Lear Property Clean Up Process Is Underway

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The former Lear property clean up process has officially begun.

The clean up process that started Monday is estimated to cost about $732,000 and is being done by SAFECO Environmental Incorporated that’s based in Pennsylvania, according to Mayor Don Mason.

“Our goal is to turn what was an eyesore into an asset. What brought tears to our eyes, to bring joy to our hearts and so many people in Zanesville either worked here, had family members that worked here, it was tough work,” Mayor Mason stated. “And our goal is to bring back the dignity and self respect to the area that the area once had and we’ll do that by cleaning it up and then restarting, and refreshing the area.”

After the clean up process Mayor Mason discussed the potential of the property and what’s next to be expected.

“Presently we are working with the United States EPA and the Ohio EPA on trying to do what’s called a phase two environmental assessment. That would require some additional test borings and soil samples in the area,” Mayor Mason said. “We have long term plans with this property and without getting into the details of those right now, the first thing first, that is to do the complete environmental assessment of the area.”

Mayor Mason said this process should be completed by the end of March.

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