Art Community Reacts to Temple Fire

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A mix between 48 artists and businesses called the Masonic Temple their home. Some sold clothing, other woodworking, for some it was a place to create and for all it was a community.

That community is led by Bob Grayson, who some of the tenants call the heart of the building. For some he’s the reason they were in the building to begin with. Grayson, not only had a studio, but taught art as well.

“I feel very empty at the moment. My energy and all that has just really been zapped by this whole thing and I wasn’t prepared for it. I didn’t think I had to be, so I was kind of naïve and didn’t have a back up plan,” said Bob Grayson. ” The biggest thing I’m missing is my art students. They’ve already said Mr. Grayson where will we have art now? I’ve got to really be creative and do that.”

There’s been lots of outpouring of love and support from the community as the artists and business owners including offers to hold fundraisers, free rental space to rebuild studios and businesses. Plus donations of money.

“I did not expect it. I was expecting personal sympathetic things, but when someone calls you up and says Bob I’m going to make a donation of $20,000 that is overwhelming,” said Grayson.

To help the art community you can make donations to Community Cares fund for the arts through the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

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