The Nutcracker Held at The Secrest Auditorium Presented By Movement on Main Center for Dance

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Ready to battle the evil Mouse King, the Nutcracker performance is back at the Secrest Auditorium.

The performance of the Nutcracker is a 20 year holiday tradition every Thanksgiving weekend and is being presented by Movement on Main Center for Dance

However, this is the dance center’s 10th year running the production and it allows the students an opportunity to boost their confidence and enhance their performance each year, says Morgan Lothes-Rohn, the Artistic Director at Movement on Main Center for Dance.

“You get to go from being the tiniest little dancer in the show, which is for the bumble bee’s and petite sugarplums this year all the way up to sugarplum when they’re seniors and graduating. So it’s just this big timeless tradition that everybody has been a part of and we love to do it with our kids,” Lothes-Rohn stated.

Even though the performance is done every year, Lothes-Rohn talks about how the storyline and music is the same, but they strive to make changes within the production like the choreography or set pieces.

There are over 100 kids in the show from all over the area that have been working on to put the performance together since September. Lothes-Rohn, expressed her excitement and gave some insight on what the audience should expect.

“I know a lot of our students are actually some of the funniest kids I’ve ever seen. There’s been a number of times during rehearsal where I have to stop because I’m laughing so hard . It’s going to be exciting,” Lothes-Rohn said. “There’s a lot of breath taking dances in this, there’s some really talented and incredible kids, we also have two professional dancers joining us, Joel Hathaway, from Missouri Contemporary Ballet and Chris Lingner, from Indianapolis Ballet who are here. So expect to see some really exciting dancing, some beautiful moment and just a fun time.”

There were Nutcracker dolls on sale during today’s production along with other show items. The Nutcracker performance will also be showing again tomorrow at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. at the Secrest Auditorium.

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