Zemba Family Volunteers With The Christ Table By Serving Thanksgiving Meals

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- It’s Thanksgiving day and the Christ Table is taking part by serving Thanksgiving meals to the community.

The Christ Table has been providing food to the community for many years and this Thanksgiving they’ve already served over 200 meals, says Rock Zemba, a Christ Table Volunteer. He shared how his family has been volunteering with the organization since before he was born.

“We just like to come here every year and help all these people so they can have food. It’s just always nice helping out…I’m thankful for family, friends, God, food, everything and just being able to help,” Rock Zemba stated.

Rowdy Zemba, another Christ Table volunteer, talked about his experience and how this opportunity allows him to not only do good for the community, but also have fun with his family.

“I wasn’t even born before we started doing this. It’s been probably about 12 or so years and it’s always just fun to come here every year,” Rowdy Zemba said.

The Christ Table will be serving Thanksgiving meals today until about 1:00 p.m. so, there is still some time to stop by or even offer some help by volunteering.

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