The Animal Shelter Society Prepares For Upcoming 2nd Annual Santa Paws Shelter Supply Drive

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Animal Shelter Society is asking the community for support through their upcoming 2nd annual Santa Paws Shelter Supply Drive.

The supply drive is an event where residents of the community can drop off and donate supplies that are needed by the shelter and will benefit the animals.

Some supplies that are needed at the shelter are things like liquid detergent or Clorox, says April Cohagen-Gibson, General Manager for the Animal Shelter Society.

“So you just put those in your trunk, drive through, pop open your trunk, we get them out and then there’s a rumor that the big guy may be here with candy canes. We depend greatly on our community on things like that. It’s simple as when you’re going through Kroger’s to get some liquid laundry detergent,” Cohagen-Gibson stated. “It’s very important for us and we really depend on our community for that so we’re very thankful and would love to see everybody here.”

Due to the animal shelter being a non-profit, supply donations are very appreciated so that the shelter can focus on other important things like animal medical care.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, Cohagen-Gibson wants to remind the community to provide safe zone for your animal so that they can have a chance to escape the noise and all the gathering.

“The other thing is, be careful of the bones from the meals. Make sure you get those in the garbage and take that garbage right out,” Cohagen-Gibson said. “Poinsett’s are beautiful, we all love them, but I would not recommend them to be in your home. You can try to put them as high up as you can, but if you have cats, as we all know, they can climb very high and they can be very very dangerous for the animals.”

Cohagen-Gibson added that the best advice the animals shelter can give is to allow the animals be animals and for the community to enjoy their family.

However, the Santa Paws Shelter Supply Drive will be at the Animal Shelter Society on December 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and to view the full list of needed supplies, please visit the website at under events.

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