LaRose Explains Post Election Audit

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After every election in all 88 counties across Ohio a post election audit takes place.

In fact while other state have election audits many don’t require it after every election and in Ohio post election audits are law.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose was on hand at the Muskingum County Board of Elections to explain the audit process, which involves a bipartisan group counting the paper ballots and comparing them to the computer count.

“What that tells Ohioans is what they saw reported on election night was an honest reflection of the will of the people. That’s what we do here in elections we care deeply about making sure the people can have their voice heard in a fair and accessible election,” said Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

In Muskingum County the audit was 100 percent, meaning there was no difference between the paper ballots and the machine count. Ohio has a 99.98 percent accuracy rate when it comes to elections.

“This is something that belongs to all of us. Elections are something that we together own as Ohioans and we should have faith in the process, It is a very well run process in many ways what Ohio does is the gold standard for the rest of the nation to follow,” said LaRose.

LaRose said if a county shows a discrepancy it would mean there was a problem and a full investigation would take place to figure out what went wrong.

You can find more about Ohio’s post-election process by visiting

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