Arrive Safely to Your Thanksgiving Destination

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Many travelers will begin their journeys Wednesday on Ohio roadways as they make their way to their Thanksgiving destinations.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants everyone to arrive safely by remembering to buckle up, obey the speed limit, drive sober and without distractions. Distractions are anything that takes your focus off the roadway like changing the radio, talking on the phone or even other people in the vehicle.

“We’re going to see an uptick in the amount of traffic on Ohio’s roadways that happens on the holidays as people travel together with friends and family and travel back home, so just ensure you are aware of your surroundings because of the amount of traffic that’s going to be on the roadways,” said Lt. Nathan Dennis with the State Highway Patrol.

Last year during the same five day travel period the patrol arrested 303 impaired drivers and investigated 11 fatal crashes. Traffic fatalities are already up this year.

“We have seen an uptick in the amount of fatal crashes on Ohio roadways this year in comparison to the last several years. so that’s another reminder for all of us to work together to ensure we make it to our destinations and back home safely this holiday weekend,” said Lt. Dennis.

The official holiday travel season starts Wednesday and runs through Sunday. The patrol said there will be more troopers out looking for violations that can lead to crashes.

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