Respiratory Care Takes Center Stage

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Respiratory Care is a big issue throughout the county and it’s continuing to grow and the Muskingum Respiratory Care Association is taking action.

The association is doing this through their Yule Time Seal Campaign that informs residents about the pulmonary services provided by Rambo Memorial Health Center.

“We just want to remind the community how important Rambo Memorial Health is to this community. I always say , it’s the best kept little secret here Muskingum County. They concentrate purely on pulmonary issues and there’s this wonderful rehab center here for pulmonary issues that can use with a doctor’s referral. They can come down here and help improve there pulmonary longed issues,” explained the Yule Time Seal Campaign Chair Keely Warden.

Other programs provided Rambo opportunities to help with this issue are health education, literature, stop tobacco use, respiratory, medication assistance and more. The center also provides free flu shots.

“We want people to be thinking healthy, especially with their lungs. So if you’re interested, if you been diagnosed with COPD or asthma don’t sit around and feel sorry and not think that you can get better because with programs like this, there may not be a cure, but there sure are ways to help you get better,” said Warden.

The respiratory program will begin at the first of the year. That will mostly be conducted in the gym rehab facility at Rambo Memorial Health Center.

The Yule Time Seals should be in your mailbox and you can also give Rambo a call at (740) 452-6401.

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