OUZ Celebrates New Education Resource Center With a Ribbon Cutting Inside of Herrold Hall

Local News

Ohio University President Hugh Sherman visited the Zanesville Campus (OUZ) for a ribbon cutting of the new Education Resource Center inside the Herrold Hall Library.

The strongest programs on the OUZ campus is Early Education and Middle Childhood Education and this center will provide access to resources, and materials needed by the students, says the OU President Sherman.

“So what we found is that many of the students who go out to do their student teaching at different school, didn’t have access to the resources they need to develop their materials and the activities when they go into those classes. So this room provides those students with different kinds of books and activities, and support so that they can be successful when they go out to do their student teaching,” President Sherman said.

The preparation for the new Education Resource Center was a two year long project. Doctor Teri Peasley, the Coordinator for the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Program at OUZ Campus, express how she looked at this project as her baby.

‘It is my baby because I believe very strongly that in order to develop strong educators, they need a strong support system and developing something like this, our entire campus is showing them that we care and that we want them to be as successful, that’s why board says, superior educators because that’s who they’re going to be,” Doctor Peasley stated.

Throughout the two year putting together the center, Doctor Peasley was allowed her to cultivate amazing relationships with the students. Almost all the materials for the center were donated by area educators.

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