Snow Fell Across SE Ohio Today -and Elevation Played Into How Much Snow Stuck

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The scene across Zanesville, Ohio as snow fell today. SOURCE: Personal Video

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Snow showers started falling earlier this morning with temperatures in the upper-30s.

Slowly as the precipitation began to fall faster and with bigger flakes, the snow was able to cool the air above enough to drop us into the mid-30s.

A 2-4° temperature drop does not seem like much, but it was enough to cause the snow to accumulate on cars, vegetation, and other elevated surfaces.

Being so close to the freezing mark, different parts of Zanesville saw a significant difference in the type of snowfall they experienced.

Some places saw only the snow falling -and melting on contact with anything. While other places saw the snow sticking and turning the landscape into a winter wonderland.

Earlier today, Storm Team Meteorologist Gunnar Consol was atop the Putnam Hill Overlook explaining the science -in an impromptu video- behind the snowfall disparity in such a small geographic spread.

Explanation of the snowfall disparity seen across Zanesville today. SOURCE: Personal Video

[Transcription of video above:

“I’m currently at the Putnam Hill Overlook here in Zanesville, Ohio. And I’m noticing something pretty interesting right here at the outlook. It’s 34° and that means -being this close to the freezing mark- that elevation and land use development play a key role in what kind of snow we’re seeing right now. Here at the outlook, it’s 34° and you’ll see that the snow is sticking pretty well to the shrubbery, the ground, the rooftops, and even these benches. But across the Muskingum River and just a hundred feet lower, we see a lot more development, and we’re not seeing that snow stick to either the grass or the rooftops. It’s really a tale of two different storms just a hundred feet apart. “]

The season’s first snow stopped falling right around 4 o’clock this afternoon. Fortunately with this system no shoveling or plows were required.

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Gunnar Consol
Gunnar is a recent graduate of Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire having majored in meteorology with minors in mathematics and communications. He was on the varsity track & field team all four of his years at Plymouth competing in the long jump, triple jump, and 100m and 200m races. Growing up in Central Florida, having endured many relentless hurricane seasons and experiencing pop-up thunderstorms everyday during the summer inspired his initial interest in the weather. A lack of cold weather subsequently drove him to attend college in New Hampshire. This was to experience a whole other side of the weather: winter. He is excited to have just moved to Ohio and explore what all the state has to offer. He also hopes that Ohio is a happy middle ground between how hot Florida is and how cold New Hampshire is. In his free time, Gunnar enjoys staying active, going on photography photoshoots, and gardening.