Check Your Mail for Yule Time Seals

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When you’re sending out those holiday cards why not do so with a seal of approval from the Muskingum Respiratory Care Association.

Over 3,500 Yule Time Seals were put into the mail Tuesday morning and will show up in mailboxes around Muskingum County. The seals are a gift to use on your holiday mailings, with the hopes that you’ll donate funds to support the Respiratory Care Association and Rambo Memorial Health Center.

This year’s campaign chairperson is Keely Warden who decided to get involved after a battle with Covid in January. She said until you have trouble breathing, you may not know just how much Rambo does.

“There mission is to help people with breathing disorders. They have so many good services to help people in our community,” said Yule Time Seals Chairperson Keely Warden. “This is a very generous and giving community. And you need to look past what you need and what they need and what this community needs and I’ve just seen the impact Covid has had on this community and to this day we don’t know the long term effects, respiratory effects this is going to have on individuals here in our community. So this was the year to step up and do it.”

The goal this year is to raise $20,000.

“We want to let people know that 100 percent of that 20-thousand dollars stay right here in Muskingum County helping the people you go to school with, people that you work with and people that you go to church with every day,” explained Warden.

If you do not receive seals in the mail you can contact Rambo and they will send them out to you at (740) 452-5401 or . The campaign runs until December 31.

Besides respiratory care Rambo also provides free flu shots and a stop tobacco program amongst others. This is the 68th year for the campaign.

Nichole Hannahs
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